Big Hero X or Big Hero 6: Rise of Vaymax is a fanon sequel to Big Hero 6.


Hiro scraps his chip for an evil Baymax after what happened in the first movie. But, an evil villain scourges the chip out of the dump and makes Vaymax, an evil and powerful Baymax clone.


  • Hiro: Leader of Big Hero 6. He doesn't have a power for no reason.
  • Baymax: Lovable Squishey Health Care Companion. He can fly and perform martial arts.
  • Wasabi: Big Hero 6 guy who got wasabi on his shirt ONCE! He fights with plasma blades.
  • Fred: Big Hero 6 guy who's dad is Stan Lee. He can attack with fire.
  • Gogo: Big Hero 6 girl who seems a bit goth. She fights with discs she can use as skates.
  • Honey Lemon: Big Hero 6 girl who is spunky. She fights with paint explosives.
  • Tadashi: Flashbacks only. Hiro's brother who died in a fire.
  • Dr. Haribut: Evil scientist who invents Vaymax. His name is a recurring joke as it sounds like "butt".
  • Vaymax: Evil, female Baymax clone. She wears purple armor with a red stomach plating. Baymax has a crush on her.