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ugly sketch doodle that i will replace with a better drawing of this later

He stared down at the tombstone silently, his mouth in a tight line as he grazed his view across the words etched in the polished stone. It had nearly been a year since Tadashi's death and Hiro was still having a bit of a hard time grasping it.


He turned quick, a bit unnerved at the sudden voice. He relaxed a bit as he saw the familiar face. "...Oh.....*ahem* .....Maddi...." He smiled anxiously, clearing his throat as he tried to hide the tears that were forming in his eyes. He had never cried in front of her, and he didn't want to start now... "W...What are you doing here?"

"Baymax told me you were here..." She pointed back to the robot, who was squeaking his way towards the two.

Hiro let out an irritated sigh, but then just stared at the headstone. "......I miss him....A lot...."

Maddi stood near him, unsure if she should do something. She noticed the tears pooling in Hiro's eyes, her tail drooping as she reached out unsurely. "I..I know, Hiro....It must be really hard for you.....I'm....i'm extremely sorry...."

She saw his throat tremble as he swallowed, his body starting to tremble a bit. "He....He was my best friend.....He taught me everything....." His head hung low, and he started clutching at the hem of his jacket.

"Hiro...You don't have to hold it back....." Maddi murmured softly, managing to reach out and touch his shoulder gently with her hand. She didn't expect what he did next....

Hiro lurched forward, hugging Maddi tightly to him. His shoulders heaved as he let out a sob, clutching tightly at her sweatshirt. He shook as he cried into her shoulder, his teeth clenched as he just held onto her, sinking into her warmth. He and Maddi slid down to their knees, and Maddi just stroked his hair, quietly letting Hiro cry.

Baymax made his way over, sitting down next to them and wrapping his arms tightly around them. The three were quiet as Hiro's sobs slowly subsided to slow streaming tears. He shifted his position so he was sitting up, Maddi sliding so her head was on his shoulder, her hand resting on his. He leaned his head back against hers, sniffling quietly.

"....He would be so proud of you, Hiro....." Maddi piped up after a long while, rubbing his hand with her thumb.

He gave a small smile, closing his eyes as he slowed his breathing back to normal. "....T...Thank you Maddi....."

"It'll be okay..." Baymax spoke, patting Hiro's shoulder. "...There there."

"Heh...Thanks Buddy.....Thank you both...."

The trio just sat in the field, listening to Hiro talk about his memories with Tadashi. Hiro felt at ease, like he got a lot more off of his chest. He smiled at the girl who was resting against him, rubbing his hand gently...Maybe he'd have to do this more often..