Big Hero 6: The Marvel Age is a 2020 film produced by Disney Animation Studios and Marvel Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The film is significant in that it ties the Disney world of Big Hero 6 into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film features an appearance from the Marvel incarnations of Big Hero 6 themselves.


The film starts with a view of Fred's mansion, where Big Hero 6 are training with Honey Lemon practicing against GoGo. When practice is over, Heathcliff calls the team informs them of strange portals that have been showing up and disappearing around San Fransokyo. When the team ask about the portals, one conveniently opens underneath them. When they fall in, dark hands start grabbing them and Hiro is pulled into the other side by a giant skin colored hand while the rest of the team are wrapped in spider webs and struggling to get free. Baymax activates his wings, frees the team and flies after Hiro. When they get through, they find a young woman with Hiro over her shoulder. The team proceed to demand the woman give Hiro back and tell them who she is. The woman claims to be Aiko Miyazaki, but says that she prefers to be called Honey Lemon, and she is part of Big Hero 6. The team are shocked and say they are Big Hero 6, then Baymax detects someone on the ceiling and the person drops down. He introduces himself as their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and he explains what happened to the team.

Voice CastEdit

Ryan Potter as Hiro Hamada and Hiro Takachiho

Scott Adist as Hiro Hamada's Baymax

Kevin Conroy as Marvel Baymax

Jamie Chung as Disney GoGo and Marvel GoGo