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Kaboomerang, real name Rex Bushman, is villian who uses a wide variety of collapsable boomerangs, some of which explode which is why Fred named him Kaboomerang. He first appears in Throw it away............ where he hires a gang to get captured by BH6 so he can find out their powers. Then, he designs a hi tech suit of his own with collapsable boomerangs of his own invention, which he made to resist the hero's powers (he de magnetized them so hiro can't control them, gave them a special laser resistant coating, gave them armor peircing blades, etc.). He later faced off against the team in the plaza of a shopping mall and was eventually defeated. As he was dragged away to prison he said he would be back because, "I'm a boomerang: Throw me away and I come back."

Skills and Abilities Edit

Skills: Edit

Agility: Rex does daily parkour, allowing him extreme agility.

Accuracy: Rex has excellent accuracy and, upon coupling this with the digital readouts from his helmet visor, mean he almost never misses.

Weapons Proficiency: Coming from Australia, Rex is a natural with the boomerang. He is also quite skilled with a halberd and his sword skills put even Wasabi to shame.

Intelligence: Rex is also quite smart, designing a high tech suit, collapsable boomerangs and a massive flying boomerang that serves as a transport.

Stealth: After being in the pick pocket buisness for close to ten years, he gotten pretty good at moving unseen through the shade.

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