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Hiro looked towards the stairs- taking his headphones off. "What??"

"You have someone here who says she knows you!" His aunt called back. "I'm going to send her up!" Hiro looked over at Baymax- who was cuddling Mochi. "Hairy babbyy~" He let out a laugh, rolling his eyes as he heard steps coming up the stairs.


The voice sounded familiar, but different at the same time. He turned to see a girl, maybe a year or two older than him. "Yeah..?" Was his only response. He looked her up and down, feeling a sense of deja vu.

"Don't you remember me? My name is Maddi! We used to be neighbors as a kid." She smiled, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. She looked at Baymax, immediately springing over to him. "Ohmygosh! Is this Baymax?? Your aunt was telling me about him! Is that vinyl? Nice plushy feel!" Hiro laughed, running a paw through his hair as he walked over to her- memories flooding back. "Yeah- I remember you.. wow I haven't seen you since I was...10?"

"Yeah..I moved to a different side of San Fransokyo and transferred schools. You look good- Hiro..."

"You too....Heh.... Nice highlights." He chuckled, rubbing his arm.

"Heh..Thanks.. You've accomplished so much!! It's incredible...You're incredible!" Maddi gushed, causing him and herself to blush.

"Heh- it's nothing... I-"

"....your oxytocin and dopamine levels are...high."

".....what..?" The two murmured- turning to Baymax.

"Both of your oxytocin levels are high....indicating you are...."

"Baymaaax....?" Hiro interrupted, feeling his cheeks burn. "It is normal during your pubescent stages to feel attracted to-"

Maddi pulled her hood over her head and scrunched it around her muzzle, flailing her arm around as Hiro let out a yelp.

"Aahh alright- that's enough scanning!"